Follow our race teams path to Glory @ Buttonwillow Raceway – 24 Hours of Lemons

Occupy Pit Lane have been accepted for the next West Coast event, Sears Pointless at Infineon Raceway in Napa Valley.

The team have been busy replacing the timing chain and valve springs in preparation for this event as well as lowering the car a couple of inches to hopefully handle the more technical track at Infineon.

The car will be decked out with a new theme and a second car from Orange County will be joining the team. Watch out for the Milk Maidens!


Buttonwillow 2011

Occupy Pit Lane has one race completed, Buttonwillow December 3/4 2011.

Buttonwillow was the first appearance for our band of rookies in the #100 Occupy Pit Lane Celica. We wound up re branded Occupy Penalty Box and were finally parked after some rookie mistakes on Sunday. We managed to survive Saturday with one minor scrape and no black flags. 

Great time had by all and we will be back to Occupy Sears Pointless.  Met so many cool people and got some really good advice. 

Special thanks to team Bimmervitch for their welding skills and never say die miss fire diagnosis on friday night. They found out melted injector lead and we got back to the full four cylinders for the entire weekend.   

Also our neighbors in the red/white MR2 for the big jack and stands and lights and power.  

We had an impressive list of repairs for first timers including a starter motor, clutch slave cylinder, clutch master cylinder, plug leads, rear axle, diff head leak, the phantom missfire and other general mayhem. Despite this we were on track for the best part of 23 hours without a lap missed due to mechanical failures. 

We are now hooked!

Waiting for the car !!!!

We brought a car,  just waiting for delivery..  everyone’s anxious to get it..  so  many things to do 🙂

Team shirts

What do people think of getting something like this printed but each person has a random number for the % “I am 17.25%” etcHoodie






Salvage title, but works. I’ve driven it around 3K miles with no real issues, but I have no idea how many miles are on it, nor how much longer the car will last, and make no promises, other than you can drive it.

car has about half the power it had when new, steering is a bit loose and it wobbles a bit at freeway speeds. everything rattles, everything

on the plus side, it has working a/c, gauges (except for ODO), and radio for more pics and some small amount of info, apologies about how corny the site is

make an offer, only going to entertain offers below $500 if you actually plan on racing it, in which case a promise of photos of the event are required as part of payment

Brett spotted this today..  logistics to get it from Austin to hear look a little painful.

HURRY!! Buy this car today and race in the season finale of the 2011 24 Hours of Lemons race-Heaps in the Heart of Texas-at Eagles Canyon!! Info for the race available here Click Here!

Hello, we are selling our 1984 Toyota Celica GT-S 24 Hours of Lemons race car. The car was last raced in February at MSR Houston. We were planning on racing at Houston’s MSR in October but several team members are not able to participate. We originally purchased the car in January 2010 and did all the race prep and first raced in the February MSR Houston race. We have ran the car a total of three times and finished each time. This car is undoubtedly one of the best handling cars out there. We did not modify the 22RE motor at all, it all stock and doesn’t smoke. This car meets all the safety specs for the 2011 24 Hours of Lemons rules and tech and you will pass tech with no problems! We passed every time, first time.

Here’s a list of all the major things we have done to the car:

Safety items installed:

  • had a professional 6-point halo style roll-cage built for it by JK Customs
  • installed a 17″ Kirkey high-back aluminum pro street race seat P/N 41700
  • Purchased seat cover for the Kirkey seat P/N 41711
  • installed G-Force Pro Series 6-point 3″ SFI 16.1 pull down safety harness – Manufacture Date – May 2010
  • A/B/C Fire Extinguisher

Upgrades Included:

  • 1985 Supra 7.5″ Limited slip rear-end outfitted with 4.30 gears and a Weir Performance Max Grip rebuild kit
  • Centerforce Dual-Friction clutch kit #DF517010
  • Replaced the rear stock shocks with upgraded inserts
  • Replaced the rear suspension bushings with upgraded polyurathane bushing

Lots of spare and new will also be included including several sets of new brake pads, a couple sets of new brake rotors, the original 1984 open-diff 6.7″ rear-end with 3.73 gears which is still good, couple used rear axles, two extra stock wheels that match the other four on the car, and probably some other stuff that I can’t think of right now.

What you’ll need to race:

  • Four new tires. We used Yokohama AVS ES100 and Sumitomo HTR200 in 205/60-14 and had good luck with both. The car only weight 2400 pounds so you don’t need high dollar tires
  • New fluids – motor oil, transmission fluid, gear oil – we changed the before each race and have not yet done them
  • May need a new gasket for the rear differential cover – it looks like it has a small leak. Other than the differential leak, there are no other leaks on the car

We need to get $1100 for the car and all the extra spare parts – you cannot build a more reliable Lemons ready race car for less!!

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We have a couple of good options for a car, there’s a 1987 toyota celica GT that we have an option on..

the concern is the front wheel drive,  if we blow a clutch (and it’s not clear to me if all our drivers know stick is not a body part)..  then it’s a major.

Any comments / thoughts on front wheel drive vs. rear ?,


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